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Pembroke, NH 03275
603-485-4747 (Town Hall)
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Within the Town of Pembroke, there are three elementary schools: Village School, Hill School and the Three Rivers School a new upper elementary school located on Academy Road. The high school for the town, Pembroke Academy, is located at the intersection of Route 3 and Academy Rd.

The schools are administered by an elected school board consisting of five members. The school district has an annual meeting, similar to the Town Meeting, to vote on the budget and elect school board members.

The Town of Pembroke is part of School Administrative Unit (SAU) #53. SAU #53 is made up of the towns of Pembroke, Allenstown, Epsom, Chichester and Deerfield. SAU offices are located on Route 3 in Pembroke. Each town within the SAU is responsible for providing elementary and junior high facilities, while most high school students attend Pembroke Academy.

The Pembroke School District offers: