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Homeschool Writing Club

Home School Writing Club.

The Pembroke Town library Writing Club is a  group of Moms and Home School Students that get together once a month. Each month there is a writing assignment that the students get to read in front of the others in the group. The meeting is every second Wednesday of the month (except for December)  at 1:00-2:00PM.  Home School students of all ages and abilities are welcome. You do not need a library card to participate in this group. You will need a library card to check out books. 

We have a Homeschool section of books you can borrow. The collection has books ranging from Historical fiction, Science and History books. Come and browse to see what you can use for your homeschool.

Marie Mehegan, our Children's librarian, home schooled her eight children for 17 years. She is the facilitator of the Writing Club group. Contact her for more information at 485-7851 or mmeheganptl@yahoo.com

Meeting Schedule for Spring 2018:

Wednesday January 10, 2018: Write a letter to someone in the Military. Include envelope with address, return address and stamp.

Get ideas from: http://www.operationwearehere.com


Wednesday, February 14: Winter Olympics is being held in South Korea in February this year. Do some research about South Korea and write about it.

This friend made a Korean house from Legos.

Korean house made from legos.

Wednesday, March 14: Write a Limerick.

Wednesday, April 11

Wednesday, May 9