What is Pembroke Welfare (General Assistance)?

Pembroke Welfare is the local welfare office for the Town of Pembroke. Every town and

city in New Hampshire has someone appointed or elected to administer local welfare.

Please note that when you hear “Suncook” it may refer to an Allenstown address rather

than a Pembroke address. The Town of Allenstown has its own Welfare Department.

The funding for local welfare is from the property taxes in that particular town or city.

Local welfare offices do not receive funding from the state or federal government.

What does Pembroke Welfare provide?

We provide short term, interim, emergency assistance for eligible individuals and

families with basic needs who are unable to provide for themselves. Basic needs

typically include shelter, food, prescriptions, current month’s rent, current month’s

utilities and, during the winter months (October through March), current month’s gas,

oil or propane. Assistance is issued in the form of vouchers paid directly to a vendor.

We do not provide cash assistance. Applicants are also required to apply to other

agencies or programs that may help to meet these needs.

How do I apply for Pembroke Welfare:

Although eligibility cannot be determined over the phone, you do need to call Pembroke

Welfare at 485‐4747 ext. 204 to schedule an appointment. This phone interview will

take approximately 15 minutes at which time you will asked certain questions to

determine what your situation is and what type of assistance you are in need of. At that

time you will be directed to other appropriate agencies to apply to, given a list of

verification needed in order to determine your eligibility and given a scheduled

appointment. You will need to come in to the Town Hall to sign a Release of

Information Form, pick up your Welfare Application, Landlord Verification Forms and

any other forms that you will be required to have completed for your scheduled

appointment. Please come in as soon after this phone call as possible to give yourself

enough time to have all necessary verification in time for your appointment.

What information will I need?

You will be told what verifications that you need to bring in with you at the time of your

appointment when you schedule that appointment. These include proof of income,

assets and expenses, identification for all those applying, proof of application status

with other agencies, landlord verification forms, job search forms if you are unemployed

or working part time, and various other verifications depending on your current


How long is the application process?

The eligibility determination appointment is usually an hour to two hours long. You will

receive a written Notice of Decision and, if determined eligible, a voucher will be issued

at the time of the appointment. If more information is needed in order to make a

determination, you will be given a written notice which will list the information needed

and an appointment to return within 7 business days. If ineligible, you will be issued a

written notice at the time of your appointment.

How to I apply for food stamps, Medicaid, TANF or child care assistance?

Programs such as food stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF),

Medicaid, child care and child support are not administered by local welfare programs.

You must apply for these program through the Department of Health and Human

Services. To apply, or if you have any questions about your status with any of these

programs go online at http://www.dhhs.state.nh.us for more information on these


How do I apply for fuel assistance and the Electric Assistance Programs?

Both of those programs are administered by the Community Action Program (CAP). The

Suncook CAP Office is located at 15 Glass Street, Pembroke, N.H. Their phone number is

495‐7824. Please call them to find out what verification you need to provide and to

schedule an appointment.

How do I apply for housing or a security deposit?

We do not find housing for applicants but we can provide you with a list of landlords,

rooming houses, housing agencies and shelter to help you with your search. We also

have information on programs that will help you with a security deposit. If you are

already in housing or have located housing, you may apply for first month’s rent as

outlined in the application process.