Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen is composed of five elected members, with each Selectman serving a three year term.

The Board functions as the executive branch of the Town, and as the agent to carry out the actions of the Town’s legislative branch, the Town Meeting. The Town Meeting, held in March, is the yearly meeting of the registered voters of the Town. The purpose of the Town Meeting is to elect the Town’s officers and to conduct the Town’s business, including the adoption of the Town’s annual budget. The Board of Selectmen does have the authority, without Town Meeting approval, to regulate town highways and commons, layout highways, make expenditures from certain capital reserve funds, and to appoint citizens to various Town boards, committees and commissions.

The Board of Selectmen meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Pembroke Town Hall, 311 Pembroke Street.

Board of Selectmen email:

Richard Bean -

Karen Yeaton -

Peter Gagyi -

Rick Frederickson -

Sandy Goulet -



Board Members

Name Title
Peter Gagyi Member (2023)
Sandy Goulet Vice Chair (2025)
Richard Bean Member (2025)
Rick Frederickson Member (2023)
Karen Yeaton Chair (2023)