Motor Vehicle Registrations and Title Applications

For new residents you MUST bring proof of residency. Proof of residency consists of a major utility bill, a copy of your lease, or a notarized letter from the current owner of the building that you are residing in.

For renewal of your current registration, please bring your last registration processed.

For a newly purchased vehicle you need to bring either a title that has been signed over to you if the car was purchased through a private sale or if you purchased the vehicle from an in-state licensed dealer you must bring the light blue copy of the title application.

For transfers, one of the owners on the new vehicle must match the first owner listed on the registration of the vehicle the plates are being transferred from.

If you are transferring plates from a vehicle that was previously registered in your name; you must bring the current registration for that vehicle. If you do not have the registration for that vehicle, the transfer can still be processed but you will need to process a duplicate registration first and the fee will be an additional $18.00. 

Click here to request motor vehicle registrations.