Tax Rate Information

New Hampshire is the only state in the union without an income or sales tax. Since the New Hampshire philosophy has been to raise and spend money at the local level, the major source of revenue for the town is the local property tax. In 1999, the NH State Legislature adopted a statewide property tax for education, which is collected at the local level. The property tax rate consists of four components: school, town, county and the statewide property tax for education.

The 2019 property tax rate is $23.58 per thousand dollars of assessed value. The current equalization ratio is 95.5%. The tax rate can be broken down as follows: Local Town: $5.75, Local School $13.45, State School $1.88 and County $2.50 for a total of $23.58.

The 2018 property tax rate was $26.24 per thousand.

First billing for the tax year is based on the prior year's total tax. The tax rate is calculated in October of each year by the NH Department of Revenue and will be reflected in the total due on the second billing.

The Town of Pembroke is committed to maintaining a high level of service while maintaining a stable tax rate. The community has adopted a long term Capital Improvements Plan in order to plan for major future expenditures. We have made significant expenditures to our infrastructure thereby minimizing future tax increase.