Rental Property Owner Designated Respondent Affidavit

Effective January 1, 2011, per RSA 540:1-b, all rental property owners must file a statement with the Town Clerk of the municipality in which the property is located that provides the name, address, and telephone number of a person within the state who is authorized to accept service of process for any legal proceeding brought against the owner relating to the restricted property.

The exact wording for RSA 540:1-b and all others pertaining to this can be looked up by clicking here.

  • The filing fee to the Town of Pembroke is $15.00 per property.
  • These forms will be filed by property address and alphabetically by owner's name.
  • A search and copy request of a filed form is $10.00 per property.
  • A copy of the form is in the Town Clerk's form/applications
  • Please note this form must be signed in front of a Notary Public/Justice of the Peace