Social Media/ Neighborhood News

Across the nation crime is of concern to citizens in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Increasingly, citizens and law enforcement professionals realize that neither one can eradicate crime working separately. Neighbors and other concerned citizens, working cooperatively with law enforcement, can have a positive effect.

Home burglaries, in particular, can be minimized when community residents take steps to make their homes less attractive and vulnerable to burglars. Through the well recognized concept of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, a community-based program supported by the National Sheriffs’ Association since 1972, residents of thousands of communities across the nation have discovered that they can make a difference in preventing crime.

Pembroke Police depends on notifying its citizens by two separate but equally important resources. Pembroke Police has set up a facebook account and a Twitter Account where information is shared with the list of members.

Emergency notifications are distributed to citizens of Pembroke through a shared Nixle service. This service once you become a member (free) can send you notifications by email or text message to your home or phone. All town departments have the ability to add information to the Nixle notification system in order to keep its residents aware of road closures, and other emergency issue's. Please join Nixle as another way to receive information pertaining to issues around town.

If you have any questions about either of these sites please reach out to me Chief Dwayne R Gilman at 485-9173 or via e-mail.