Meet Me In Suncook

The Meet Me In Suncook Committee was established as a nonprofit organization in 1998 for the purpose of “fostering an appreciation of the history of Suncook and to encourage preservation of its architecture as well as to promote the growth and prosperity of the Village.

Board Members

Name Title
Jocelyn Carlucci Chair
Joyce McKay Vice Chair
Noreen Bean Treasurer
James L. Garvin Secretary
Joyce Belanger
Gerry Belanger
Mariette Brissette
Norma Norma Daviault
Ron Daviault
Dr. Vincent E. Greco
Roger A. Menard
Laurent D. Perron
Jan Shichkin
Shirley J. Sullivan
Joyce Welch
Joan Bussiere
Marie Ayles
Butch Ayles
Ingrid Lemaire