Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses can be applied for with any Town or City Clerk in the State of New Hampshire providing you are getting married in the State of New Hampshire. If you are getting married in another state you must contact that state for their procedures. Licenses can be applied for no more than 90 days before the ceremony. Contracting parties must come to the Town/City Clerk and fill out a marriage license application. The fee for a marriage license is $50.00 (please be aware that a marriage certificate is not included in this fee and must be applied for separately).

Information to be provided on the license application is as follows; contracting parties names, dates of birth, state of birth (if born outside the U.S. then only country of birth is requested) social security number, ethnic background, years of schooling, parents names and mothers' maiden names, and parents' state of birth.

If there was a previous marriage for either or both parties, then certified documentation showing the end of the last previous marriage must be presented i.e. death certificate or divorce decree (a notice of decision from the court for a divorce is not acceptable as it is a copy and not a certified document).