Emergency Management Department

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Town of Pembroke Emergency Management Department (EMD) is to identify, evaluate, plan, and prepare for major emergencies that could occur in Pembroke, NH. This is accomplished by teaming actively with various departments and organizations in supporting an effective response, mitigating further hazards, and assisting in recovery. This further includes educating and informing the community of issues and actions to be taken on their behalf as well as actions to be taken by the public for their own protection and survival in emergencies.

The Town of Pembroke Emergency Management Department (EMD) is tasked with preparing, protecting, responding, and recovering from any natural or manmade disaster that may occur within the town of Pembroke. This is a team activity committed to jointly by the Police, Fire, Public Works, Sewer, Water Department’s, the Office of the Board of Selectmen, and the Pembroke School District.

The Pembroke EMD Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been developed at the Safety Center over the last two years. With the EOC operational any emergency in town can be managed by department heads in one location. This Unified Command allows for equal access to critical information that department heads need to make sound decision during a crisis. This approach also eliminates duplication of efforts in responding to calls for service during the emergency. It allows for more efficient management of resources and supplies.  

In the coming year it is the goal of the EMD to continue to assure that all town employees have received the minimal training needed to be efficient at meeting our mandate to prepare, protect, respond, and recover from any disaster that may befall Pembroke. We also will continue our effort to provide emergency generator power at the towns critical facilities. This will be accomplished through the Office of Homeland Security Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program that awards 50% matching funds for this purpose.

A great many lessons have been learned from disasters in other parts of the country in recent years. The State and Federal Government will provide a great deal of support should a large scale disaster occur in Pembroke. It does, however, take some time to get those resources mobilized, typically up to 72 hours. It is important that we each make an effort to become more self-sufficient and self reliant in those initial days following this sort of event.

Dwayne Gilman, Chief of Police - pembrokeem1@pembroke-nh.com

Paul Gagnon, Fire Chief - pembrokeem2@pembroke-nh.com


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David Jodoin Town Administrator (603) 485-4747 ext.1202
Paul Gagnon Fire Chief (603) 485-3621 Ext. 2551