Fire Department

The Pembroke Fire Department was organized in 1869 as an on-call volunteer fire department which continues to this day.  Our members are professionals dedicated to helping any of our citizens in their time of need – whether it be a fire, water problem or advice on children playing with matches.

To learn more about each of us, how to contact us and who serves you please see the About Us section.

For others interested in what fire equipment we have, how we are organized and our general operational setup please go to our Operations section.  Not only will you see pictures of our equipment but you will also see our organizational chart and quick links to our dispatch center where you can see what is currently going on in the area.

Want to join us?  We welcome anyone who is, or who is perhaps, interested in joining our department to contact us or visit us.  See our Training and Recruitment section for more information.  Although we do not have full-time staff we can almost always be found on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 pm at the fire station when we get together for training each week.  You can come and see what we are and we will provide you with information as needed.

Preventing fires and emergencies is one of our primary goals.  We have an excellent fire prevention division, which is responsible for enforcing the NH State Fire Code by conducting fire inspections and that organizes public education programs, provides guidance and information to parents and others when there might be a behavioral problem regarding fire safety, and any other help that one might need.  Please see the Prevention and Education section to get more information.

Burning permits can only be obtained on-line by clicking on the Fire Permits Online link to the left.  We hope to resume in person issuance of permits once the pandemic subsides.

Building permits are administered by the Town Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector.  He can be reached at Town Hall, 603-485-4747 extension 214. You may CLICK HERE to link to their webpage. Our Fire Prevention Division handles existing occupancy inspections and the review of plans and inspections of fire protection systems such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and fixed suppression systems.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Farley Deputy Chief 603-485-3621 Ext 2253
Jeffrey Cyr Captain 603-715-7799
Paul Gagnon Chief 603-485-3621 Ext 2251
William Clark Lieutenant 603-731-7073
Brian Lemoine Lieutenant 603-485-3621 Ext.3351
Tyrel Lemoine Lieutenant 603-485-3621 Ext 3355
Erik Paulsen Assistant Chief 603-485-3621 Ext 2252
Chuck Schmidt Captain 603-485-3621 Ext 3352
Chester Martel Lieutenant 603-485-3621 Ext 3350