Water Works

The Pembroke Water Works is a Public water provider serving the nearby towns of Pembroke, Allenstown and a few homes in Hooksett to the southeast. The municipal water system has a capacity of over one million gallons per day that is drawn from a course grain stratified aquifer. Our system consists of three well sites. The first well site, a gravel-packed well at the Pembroke Water Works Route 106 Pump Station produces 450 gallons per minute (GPM). The second site is just south of the proposed Pembroke (Riverwood Drive) site and consists of two operating gravel-packed wells with vertical turbine pumps located at the Pembroke Water Works Route 3 Pump Station: Concord Well #2 is capable of pumping 350 GPM and Concord Well #3 is capable of pumping 550 GPM.

Production from these wells are operated on a daily rotation and produce approximately 60% of Pembroke's daily demand. The third site is located in Bear Brook State, the #1 well pumps at the rate of 285 GPM and the #7 well pumps 345 GPM. There are two storage tanks, one is located in Pembroke on Brickett Hill Road at an elevation of 507.6 feet and holds 1,000,000 gallons. The other tank is located on the Allenstown/ Hooksett line at an elevation of 512.6 feet and holds 940,000 gallons.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Matthew Gagne Superintendent (603) 485-3362
Betty St. Germain Administrative Bookkeeper (603) 485-3362