Non-Residential Site Locations

The Town of Pembroke has four areas zoned for non-residential development:

  • Route 106 Zone
  • Route 4/9/202 Zone
  • Route 3 - Limited Office District
  • Village of Suncook


Pembroke's largest commercial zone is located along State Route 106. This busy highway provides access from central New Hampshire north to the lakes region. The area begins with the Limited Office District to the south at the intersection of Routes 3 and 106 and extends up Route 106 to the Pembroke-Concord town line. The Route 106 area is the largest in land area and the number and types of businesses. . Within the Route 106 Commercial zone there is a total of 790.55 acres of land with approximately two thirds available for development. The Town has extended water and sewer to this zone providing full municipal services to the uses in the area, including three industrial parks. Land is available and zoned for a variety of uses including offices, commercial and industrial.


The Route 4 Commercial zone is located in north Pembroke at the intersection of I-393 and Routes 4\9\202. This busy state route is the main highway between central New Hampshire and the seacoast.  This area is the second largest of the Town's commercial zones, in land area, with approximately 156 acres, and is the least developed. Approximately 7% of the area, 11.80 acres, is currently in commercial uses, while 110.09 acres, or 69.24% is available for development.


The Limited Office (LO) District is located on the north end of State Route 3. Route 3 is a major highway starting at the New Hampshire - Massachusetts state line and extending to Canada. The LO district was established in order to foster the conversion of the many large homes on Route 3 to office uses. Within the LO district there is a total of 523.76 acres.


The historic Suncook Village was the main commercial and industrial area of Pembroke when the Town was founded. This area has been home to a number of mills producing everything from glass and bricks to parachute material during World War II. Today the village contains a number of small commercial establishments, several restaurants, the Town's main banking facility, a number of social clubs, and the Post Office for Pembroke and Allenstown.

Within the Town of Pembroke there is a total of 1,551.49 acres of land located within one of the commercial zones. This is approximately 11% of the total land area of the town.