Compliments and Employee Awards

The usual types of private sector rewards are not available, and sometimes not appropriate for governmental employees. All too often outstanding performance goes unrecognized and unrewarded in public sector employees. The Police Department takes the necessary measures to ensure that an outstanding employee’s performance is recognized and rewarded.

If you would like to acknowledge a job well done by any of the department’s personnel please contact Chief Dwayne Gilman at 603.485.9173 or via e-mail.

Award History

Award for Valor

The award shall be presented for any act(s) of exceptional bravery displayed by an employee.

Employee of the Year

This award is presented annually to the employee who displays excellence in the areas of work performance, judgment, initiative, integrity, dependability, dedication, cooperation, loyalty and citizen relationships in that calendar year.

  • 2006 - Mary Ann Ricciotti – Administrative Assistant
  • 2007 - Dwayne R. Gilman – Lieutenant
  • 2008 - Dawn Shea - Detective
  • 2009 - Annette Alley - Receptionist
  • 2010 - Sgt. Gary Gaskell
  • 2011 - Mary Ann Ricciotti – Administrative Assistant
  • 2012 - Detective Phil Goodacre

Meritorious Service Award

Awarded to an employee for acts of intelligence and valued police service, which demonstrates a special faithfulness or perseverance towards an especially important investigation.

1997 – Officer Allain Chouinard
On August 24, 1997 Pembroke Police Officer Allain Chouinard and Allenstown Police Officer Paul Buschesne responded to Epsom after Epsom Off. Jeremy Charron could not be reached on the radio after signing off with a suspicious vehicle. On their arrival they found Off. Charron down and unresponsive as the result of a gunshot wound to the chest. Off. Chouinard rendered first aide until Charron was transported to the hospital. Off Chouinard preserved the crime scene. Despite the efforts of both Officers, Off. Charron succumbed to his injuries. The suspect was arrested later that day and was eventually sentenced to life without parole in prison

Life Saving Award

This award is presented to department personnel for performance of an act which through prompt and alert action, results in the saving of a life.

  • 2007 – Off. Robert Kitson - Off. Kitson was awarded the Life Saving Award for his actions in talking a suicidal subject from jumping from the Double Decker Bridge on Route #3 on February 23, 2007.
  • 08/31/08 – Off. Jesus Ostolaza Jr. - Off. Ostolaza revived a heart attack victim with the use of CPR
  • 10/04/08 – Off. Jesus Ostolaza Jr. - Off. Ostolaza revived a heart attack victim through the use of CPR
  • 10/21/08 - Sgt. Glen Northrup - Sgt. Northrup revived a heart attack victim with the use of CPR

Traffic Enforcement Officer of the Year

This award is bestowed yearly to the Officer who shows self-motivation, productivity, and commitment to making the roadways of Pembroke safer for all of our citizens.

  • 1999 - Off. Gary Gaskell
  • 2000 - Off. Michael Crockwell
  • 2001 - Sgt. Michael Crockwell
  • 2002 - Off. Scott Lewis
  • 2003 - Sgt. Michael Crockwell
  • 2007 - Off. Jesus Ostolaza Jr.   
  • 2008 - Off. Jesus Ostolaza Jr. 
  • 2009 - Off. Karl Hanson  
  • 2010 - Off. Karl Hanson
  • 2011 - Off. Karl Hanson
  • 2012 - Off. Dave Scarpino
  • 2013 - Off Robert Buchanan

Twenty Year Service Award

This is awarded to the employee who provides twenty years of continuous service, either part-time or full-time, to the Pembroke Police Department.

  • Chief Perry L. Eaton - 1966-1986
  • Chief Lucien Bouffard - 1974-1994
  • Sgt. Larry Houghton - 1979 – 2001
  • Chief Wayne A. Cheney - 1979 – 2006
  • Chief Scott J. Lane - 1985 – 2011
  • Off. Pam Allgeyer - 1985-2005
  • Sgt. Glen Northrup - 1989-2009
  • Sgt. Michael F. Crockwell - 1990-2010
  • Chief Dwayne Gilman - 1992-2012
  •  Mary Ann Ricciotti – Administrative Assistant - 1993-2013

Wayne A Cheney Excellence in Physical Fitness Award

This award is named in honor of Chief Wayne A. Cheney who introduced the department’s first yearly physical fitness requirement in January of 2001. This yearly standard is more stringent than required by the State of New Hampshire which required Officers hired after January 2001 to pass a requirement every 3 years.   

This award is bestowed yearly to the Officer who performs exceptionally during the department’s annual physical fitness test. The recipient will be the officer with the highest total percentage of exercises in all events performed.

  • 2005 - Chief Wayne A Cheney
  • 2006 - Off. Robert Kitson
  • 2007 - Off. Gary Allen
  • 2008 - Off. Gary Allen
  • 2009 - Det./Sgt. Dawn Shea
  • 2010 - Det./Sgt. Dawn Shea
  • 2011 - Off. Chris Cunha
  • 2012 - Off. Karl Hanson