Within the Town of Pembroke, there are two elementary schools:  Hill School and the Three Rivers School a new upper elementary school located on Academy Road. The high school for the town, Pembroke Academy, is located at the intersection of Route 3 and Academy Rd.

The schools are administered by an elected school board consisting of five members. The school district has an annual meeting, similar to the Town Meeting, to vote on the budget and elect school board members.

The Town of Pembroke is part of School Administrative Unit (SAU) #53. SAU #53 is made up of the towns of Pembroke, Allenstown, Epsom, Chichester and Deerfield. SAU offices are located on Route 3 in Pembroke. Each town within the SAU is responsible for providing elementary and junior high facilities, while most high school students attend Pembroke Academy.

The Pembroke School District offers:

  • A supportive community which values its children and public education.
  • A Long Range Strategic Plan, designed by the school and community, which focuses on improving educational accountability, decision-making and instructional technology.
  • A dedicated and child-centered faculty and staff.
  • Educationally sound student-teacher ratios.
  • Active involvement of parents and the community through advisory committees and the Pembroke Action League for Schools (P.A.L.S.) the K-8 Parent Teacher Organization.
  • National Merit Scholarship finalists or commended students in each of the past seven years.
  • Diverse specialized programs and activities to address students enrichment and remediation needs.
  • SAT scores over 1000 (combined) for nearly 50% of participating students in 1995.
  • A philosophy and pro-active programs which promote inclusion of disabled students.
  • Recent college acceptances at Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Michigan State, Mount Holyoke, Purdue, Rensselaer, Skidmore, Vanderbilt, West Point, Wheaton and Yale as well as our State University System.
  • Four consecutive years of recognition as a State Blue Ribbon School Volunteerism Award recipient.
  • A Books-for-Babies program promoting child literacy and communication with new parents in the community
  • Kindergarten classes offer full day schedules to address the needs of children and their families.
  • A wide variety of co-curricular offerings including interscholastic and intramural athletics, clubs and service organizations.
  • District-sponsored opportunities for students to travel and experience foreign cultures.