Solid Waste Collection

All household and commercial refuse generated in the Town is transported to the Casella facility located in Allenstown. The Town joined the cooperative in 1985 and signed an agreement that will provide access to the facility until the year 2009. As of January 2015 the Town has a new agreement with Casella. The Department provides curbside residential waste pickup and commercial property owners must make arrangements with a private hauler, licensed by the Town, to transport their waste to the Casella facility in Allenstown.

Effective May 1, 2010 recycling is now mandatory in the Town of Pembroke both curbside and at the Transfer Station.

Please make sure your carts are curbside by 6:45 a.m. on the day of your collection to ensure you don't miss collection. The routes are being picked up a bit different than they were before and your trash and recycling may not be picked up at the same time it used to be. The new truck can only pick up one side of the street at a time and we are trying to find the most efficient way to plan the routes out.

In addition to waste collection, residents are permitted to bring their trash and recycling items to the Solid Waste Transfer Facility.

Feel free to call (603) 485-4422 with questions.