Budget Committee

The responsibility of the Budget Committee is to prepare a budget for submission to each annual or special meeting of the voters of the Town of Pembroke as well as the Pembroke School District. The process starts with the Departments Heads who prepare the budgets that are then reviewed and approved by the Selectmen. The Selectmen’s budget is then transferred to the members of the Budget Committee for their review. Once the budget is finalized, it goes to the voters at the annual Town and School District Meetings.

Committee Members

Name Title
Mark LePage Chairman
Gerry Fleury Vice Chairman
Pat Boucher School Rep.
Tina Courtemanche Selectmen's Rep.
Michael Connor
Brian Seaworth
Clint Hanson
Marie Chouinard
Karen D. Yeaton
David Doherty Alternate School Board Rep.
Peter Gagyi
Ann Bond BOS Alt.