Fee Schedule

  • Notarize/ JP  documents: no charge (residents); $10 (nonresidents)
  • Police report copy: $1.00 per page
  • Daily log copy; twenty-four-hour period: $10 (five pages or under); $1 per page over five
  • Letter of conduct/record check: no charge (residents); $10 (nonresidents)
  • Written request to research traffic studies, criminal statistics: $25 (5 pages  $1 per page over five
  • Copies of statistics compiled monthly/yearly: $10 each
  • Motor vehicle accident reports - Obtained in person or by mail from NH Dept of Motor Vehicles only
  • Motor vehicle accident photograph copy: $10 each photo; all photos on CD / Flash Drive $10
  • Pistol permit: $10  Valid for Five Years Optional for NH residents.(Non residents still necessary)
  • Fingerprint service: no charge (residents only)
  • Dog kennel fee/ outside vendor for dogs housed by the police department: $20 per day
  • Motor Vehicle Lock Outs: no charge
  • Site Security Surveys: no charge
  • Gun locks: free
  • Police Station tours: free

For more information on any these fees or services please contact the department.